Employees Charitable Contribution of New Jersey

What Your Dollars Can Buy

Benefits of Payroll Deduction

  1. Makes a meaningful gift over time through a small contribution each pay period.
  2. Creates great employee morale and goodwill within the workplace through organized giving.
  3. Manage your own philanthropy – you know when deductions start and that they can be stopped at any time.
  4. Minimizes costs and maximizes contributions to the agencies.
  5. Saves time and takes little effort.

What your Dollars can Buy

$2 per pay sends two children with epilepsy to a morning of summer camp.

$2 per pay enables a food bank to distribute 8 ½ pounds of food.

$4 per pay provides for one cat and one dog to be spayed or neutered preventing the birth of many unwanted kittens and puppies.

$4 per pay provides 20 meals-on-wheels for a homebound or elderly person.

$6 per pay provides two patients with complete medical exams.

$6 per paycovers the cost of an experienced community organizer to help grassroots groups reduce, eliminate, clean up or prevent chemical contamination that threatens their communities' health.

$8 per pay provides reproductive healthcare, including contraception, to a woman for one year.

$10 per pay closes the gap between the government payment and the actual cost of a two week stay in a shelter for one homeless person.

$15 per pay provides three hours of free legal counsel and advice to individuals who are victims of domestic violence.

$20 per pay provides 480 children and adults in Cambodia with enough Vitamin A for one year, boosting their immune systems and fighting off sight-robbing infections.

$25 per pay provides up to date HIV education for 850 people.

$30 per pay provides job-readiness education and outreach programs connecting fifteen homeless individuals with paid employment opportunities.

$35 per pay would provide one week of after school care for a child.

$36 per pay helps buy text books for one student for one year.

$40 per pay provides basic school supplies for 40 children to ensure they have the tools necessary to be ready to learn and succeed.

$50 per pay provides vaccinations for 75 children against the six major childhood diseases.

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