Employees Charitable Contribution of New Jersey

Employees Charitable Campaign of New Jersey

Welcome to the New Jersey State Employee Charitable Campaign. This campaign was created for New Jersey State workers in 1985 to enable you to make a charitable gift through your workplace. Your involvement helps support the programs and services of charities across the state, country and world.

There are hundreds of charities qualifying to participate in this year's campaign. They range from the local community to global concerns and address a myriad of programs and services impacting

Children and families
Community development and support
Education and enrichment
Elderly and women
Environment and wildlife
Health issues and services
Poverty and job training
And much, much more.

This campaign services a wide array of causes which may be present in your neighborhood, in your county and around the world. The link to the NJSECC codebook which is found on the left hand side of this page will provide you with information you need to make the right contribution choice. To pledge online this year, please visit the following page: www.giveattheoffice.org/_njsecc. If you need further assistance please speak with your Campaign Coordinator or contact Susan O’Brien, Campaign Manager at (609) 477-8306 / .

If every state employee gave $52 a year, which is only $1 a week, this could mean millions of dollars for the 1,500 participating charities to provide desperately needed services.

Please consider a gift to the NJSECC. Your generosity will help support vital programs and services impacting your family, friends, and neighbors in our local communities.

Thank you for your support!

New Jersey Employees Charitable Campaign
Recognition Ceremony
April 10, 2015
10:00 am
Location: NJ Office of Homeland Security
and Preparedness/State Police Auditorium

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